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Full Time Wedding Photography

Inside this course bundle, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to build a business that’s creative, successful, and most importantly, professional.

If you want to take your photography skills full-time, then you need these two courses to get started. They’re full of in-depth knowledge that I have used — as well as countless others inside my membership, mastermind, and courses. Instead of searching high and low for these best practices, I’ve gathered them up here for you in one easy location.

*If you’re just getting started and only need help with the foundational elements, Part I or Part II can be purchased individually.

Part I :

 Module 1: Establishing Foundations
Lesson 1: Course Introduction
Lesson 2: Goals And Planning (So They Know Where They’re Heading)

 Module 2 : Photographic Pricing
Lesson 1: Base Price 
Lesson 2: A La Carte Items And The Importance Of Products
Lesson 3: Creating Your Offerings 
Lesson 4: Pricing Tiers And Discounts
Lesson 5: Custom Proposals

 Module 3: Money Management
Lesson 1: Accounts/Credit Cards 
Lesson 2: Income And Sales Tax 
Lesson 3: Insurance And Business Expenses 
Lesson 4 : Retainers And Payment Schedules
Lesson 5 : Contracts
Lesson 6: Cancellations/Refunds 

 Module 4 : Client Management 
Lesson 1: Client Onboarding 
Lesson 2: The Inquiry Call
Lesson 3: Communication
Lesson 4: Image And Product Delivery

 Module 5: Client Experience: 
Lesson 1: Energy And Awareness
Lesson 2: Do’s And Don'ts 
Lesson 3: Consistency 
Lesson 4: Taking Care Of Clients

Module 6: Conclusion  
Lesson 1: Work/Life Balance 
Lesson 2: Getting Connected 
Lesson 3: Following Through


Module 1: Establishing Foundations
Lesson 1: Course Introduction
Lesson 2: Establishing Your Ideal Client

Module 2: Online Portfolio Curation
Lesson 1: Images Selections
Lesson 2: Refining Your Images
Lesson 3: Copywriting

Module 3: Getting More Referrals 
Lesson 1: Personal Branding
Lesson 2: Wedding Planner Referrals
Lesson 3: Photographer And Venue Referrals

Module 4: Marketing
Lesson 1: Website Design 
Lesson 2: Blogging And Youtube 
Lesson 3: Social Media 
Lesson 4: Publications And Advertising
Lesson 5: Gifting

Module 5: Scaling 
Lesson 1: Second Photographers
Lesson 2: Increasing Rates 
Lesson 3: Building A Team (Va, Editing, Graphics, Social Media, Crm)

Module 6: Conclusion  
Lesson 1: Following Through
Lesson 2: Getting Connected
Lesson 3: Channeling Momentum

What People Are Saying:

I'm wrapping up my sixth season of shooting weddings & knew I needed the Full Time Wedding Photography Course to help me take my business to the top tier level. This course provided confirmation that I'm actually doing a lot of things right, but also addressed plenty of areas in my business that need tweaking. Catherine so graciously gives every tool needed to improve every part of your business. As a wedding photographer, I feel we should all be so lucky to be taught the in's & out's from Catherine Guidry herself. She's included it all in this course. Everything you know you need help with & everything you didn't know you needed help with. I recommend this course 100 times over.

Lindley Rust

Catherine teaches you all the ins and outs of being a wedding photographer. You will learn all of the 'behind the scenes' stuff from the client experience and pricing to marketing and creating a network. If you feel like you are kind of flying by the seat of your pants, this is a great course to really help you learn what you can do better and what you are doing correctly and should keep doing.

Nicole Simensky